We proudly present our new online store operating in North America. New products come to our warehouse in Canada every week. We’re bringing trendy and high quality clothing, made with fine Turkish textile, straight into your wardrobe.


We have been operating in Istanbul, Turkey since 2005  with 12 stores as well as our popular online shopping site. And we are very pleased with the positive feedback we are receiving from our customers overseas. Hence, our team of highly qualified professionals who are working tiredlessly everyday to provide you with a better service is now available for you. With products that make life more enjoyable and satisfying, as well as the quality service that we provide, we aim to continuously and significantly better our relationship with our valued customers.

Follow the fashion with BSL!




On our website, new products, campaigns, and combinations will guide you to find the latest street fashion that suits you the best.

Since our establishment, we are excited to meet your stylish needs with our vast product range and original designs.